…ist, am Bahnsteig in Minuten langer Folge besonders laut kleine Kaugummi-Blasen zum Platzen zu bringen.

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  1. Mikel

    Is circles enoguh of a unique selling point to drag FB users to Google+?Will circles become a pain to manage if you end up having more than 4?Is sharing a comment on Google+ more effort than twitter?Do I need to see 300+ responses to a comment in google+?Will it ever grafuate from being just for the geeks?Ive gone and followed a load of ramdoms to see how well it works. Seems ok for smaller group communications, feels more akin to email groups than broadcast communications like twitter. Reading evryones comments is a chore beyond belief. Personally think its more of a smaller group communication email like tool than a twitter mass broadcast tool. Cant see me stopping using twitter any time soon. Could quite happily stop using facebook though.Still need to figure out what sparks is for?

  2. Ali

    Ah, Fern Hill. Well, there you go. You might as well send them home for the rest of the day after that Sorry to keep blathering on your blog; I aeppar about to do the inexcusable blogger thing and post a poem (or at least a great chunk of one) on your site. Here’s from Steele’s An Ordinary Evening in Kew’ a great chunk: Watching the rain Descend as if it chose to, giving vent To laws at once of gravity and mercy, I’m brought to book by earth’s imagination, The bearing of the trees, exfoliation Of these most rambling streets, the rise of lights Captive upon their poles and in my eyes. Come in, you two: see if you’ll make a lodging An hour at least with the rest who wait inside, Heads full of dreaming, bodies compelled by time.

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